Just as my cellphone needs regular recharging, my creative juices need replenishing. Every two years our Institute arranges presentations for us, from an array of local and international architects. They inspire, entertain, agitate and impassion us. Between the 10th and 13th of February last, this event happened at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland and it was brilliant. It’s great to learn how different cultures respond to design issues... Read More

ATH 1940-2015

Ath was adopted. His birth parents were 17 years old, so maybe that it why his mind remained perpetually young and inquiring. In November last year, a few of us architects of a certain age had our regular lunch in Wellington. At 12.30 Ath said he had to leave, in order to catch a flight to Dunedin at 2.30. ‘Thats fine’, we said, ‘you’ve plenty of time.’ Ath replied that he just had to pop into the hospital on the way to the airport,... Read More

In Praise of the Picturesque

Miss M and I have just returned from a trip around Northland.  It was in 2002 when I last visited the Far North. The Kerikeri Stone Store and Kemp House in Kerikeri, The Mission House in Waimate and Pompallier House in Russell, were all looking pristine, gorgeous in their settings, and were attracting hordes of tourists. The Stone Store As I was steering around the lovely Far North roads, I got to contemplating what has happened to the design of... Read More

New Plymouth Redux

In 1975 I designed a large house perched high above New Plymouth for a local businessman. This was a challenge to a young frisky architect, and I gave it my best. My client ran a successful and innovative furniture company, based largely on wood as a material. Read More  Read More

Park Mews – Wellington Modern

  Roger Walker’s Park Mews has been featured in Designer Hamish Thompson’s recent work “Wellington Modern”. The series includes an A1 poster and individual gift cards of Wellington’s most iconic modern architecture.     Support the local and celebrate NZ Architecture by clicking to buy a copy of the poster for yourself. Or look out for the fantastic cards in Unity Bookstore and other locations around town!        Read More

Designs on cars

I was at last week’s media day at the Sydney International Motor Show, where my favoured subject of car design, strutted its stuff. As well as the ‘looks’ of a car, there are of course issues such as sustainable fuel systems, running costs, vehicle safety and affordability. All these matters relate ultimately to the success of a particular design. Read More  Read More

Maori Architecture

I confess to being a late starter in learning about our indigenous architecture. Growing up in suburban Hamilton was an impediment. Two years ago I had my first real functioning marae experience. It was an occasion of great sadness – a tangi for a fine young man, at Tu Teao Marae in Te Teko.   But through the sadness, I couldn’t help but note the wonder of how the special sequencing, the disposition of the buildings around the central open... Read More

A Bog Blog

Toilets are by necessity private and hygienic places. But ever since their probably Egyptian inception, there has sometimes been a design element, to this unglorified but essential element of our built environment. They generally don’t rise above the purely functional at most Service Stations, schools, theatres, offices or even at medical centres. Happily though some owners are splashing out into a realm beyond the utilitarian In terms of loos as... Read More

Design by Delight

Who knew that there was a Daffodil Capital of New Zealand, let alone that it is Carterton? Fresh from visiting UK friends staying among the grapes in Martinborough, Miss M and I stumbled across the annual Daffodil Festival.  How joyful it was.  Here was small town New Zealand still full of optimism. The best book shop in the region, Almo’s Books, was busy as.  As well as having a great range of children’s books (my grandaughter Isla is about... Read More