Working with Us

Wanting to ensure your new home or building has architectural and design excellence but unsure what that involves?

Here’s the outline process for working with Walker Architecture & Design.

There are several stages, each one of which commences when payment is made for the preceding stage. As our client, you can choose not to proceed to a subsequent stage, should your circumstances change.


Stage 1

You contact us to discuss your proposed project, and the advice you may require.

A cost free appointment is made. At this meeting, we listen to your ideas and thoughts. You describe your site and explain to us what you are hoping to achieve.

There is no cost for this first meeting.


Stage 2

If after the initial meet and brief, and you want to proceed further and are comfortable with our approach and response to our brief, we will be engaged on an hourly rate to carry out work scoped by agreement.

This may include a site visit, ideas and concepts of what is possible within your budget ,and processes you might have to go through to gain the necessary Resource or Building consents for your project.


Stage 3

If after this process, you wish to proceed to actual developed designs, we will agree a fee proposal for the scope of works required to complete these.

If Resource Consent is necessary a separate fee will be proposed for this application procedure.  Should a hearing be required, we revert to an hourly rate for the actual time expended at the hearing.


Stage 4

If you wish to proceed to construction of the project, we would prepare detail drawings and specifications for Building Consent.

This includes Risk Matrix and Energy usage analysis as required by the Territorial Authority.

We also would lodge application and monitor the Consent through to its issue.
Our fee for this work follows the NZIA scale of fees.  This is a percentage based scale dependant on the original ( Stage 3 ) estimated value of the works.  Part of the fee is retained until the consent is issued.

Larger commercial projects, often involve separate consultants, who will have separate fee agreements with the client, for their sections of the work.

Our agreement would include co-ordination and meetings with these separate consultants.


Extra Stages

Quality marketing material for the sale of development projects, can be provided for an additional fee.

Calling tenders,and management of Building Contracts is incorporated into a separate agreement, depending on the level of service required.


Our commitment

Walker Architecture & Design commits to excellent communication and strives at all times to meet established deadlines.

Our fees are fair reasonable and are fixed for the duration of the project.
Modest basic disbursements (excluding travel) are not charged. Other disbursements are subject to discussion before chrages are set.