Cube Houses

A practical and affordable house that doesn’t have to sacrifice style and beauty for functionality

The vision for Cube houses is to combine style and functionality to achieve liveable, affordable, and beautiful homes.

Cube Houses are architect designed but without the uncertainties of fees, budget compliance and construction time,

Architect designed by an award winning NZIA Practice with 40 years of residential design experience.


A drop of water falling from a tap forms itself into a sphere because surface tension pulls the volume into the minimum exterior surface area.

Eskimos build semi-spherical igloos, in which they perhaps instinctively realised that minimum heat loss occurred with the maximum volume contained by the minimum exterior skin.

Since a spherical shape doesn’t lead to practical subdivision into rooms, a cube is the best practical approximation.

The cubic form enables the minimum of external building materials to be used to capture the maximum amount of interior space.

This is the basic cost effective principal of our Cube Houses.

A double height living dining space is featured in each Cube House to knit the upstairs bedrooms into the volume. Despite the 41.0m2 basic footprint the houses seem much larger.

With today’s smaller sites, and the possible subdivision of existing sites, a small footprint is a good thing.

There is an optional glass cupola over the living space for the introduction
of more light if necessary.

A variety of cladding materials, window, door placements, and accessorisation, enables you to individualise your Cube.

Different sites may require different orientations, and flexibility is part of our concept,

Pairs or groups of linked cubes can enlarge the footprint of each house, or create a line of clustered townhouses.

Cubes can be adapted to fit on sloping or difficult sites.


The 6.4m x 6.4m modular footprint is the size of a double garage, and can fit on almost any site area and topography.

The basic module is 2/3 bedroom 82.0m2 but a third storey can be added to provide a house of 123.0m2.

A second cube module can be placed alongside to provide 144.0m2 or 96.0m2 if the lower level is used as a double garage.

R2.2 Insulated slab or suspended floor options.

140mm thick treated timber frame construction with R2.8 and R4.0 insulation to walls and ceilings respectively.

Roofs are torch-on membrane set to fall to a concealed downpipe and overflow

All windows double glazed

Cladding options all installed over drainage cavity.

Gas or electric heating / heat pumps. Solar and photovoltaic roof options

The Build

The houses are built by our approved licenced Master builders on your site to our drawings, specifications and construction detail.
Progress payments are to be made monthly, as work progresses.

Code Compliance is issued upon completion