The Art of the Collective Noun

Miss M and I are avid television quiz watchers. We pitch ourselves against the television contestants, with quiet competition between the two of us. She shines on the arts and literature subjects. I have distinct superiority when it comes to cars, building, and science. We’re both not too bad on geography and rubbish on contemporary pop culture. If the ITV were to suddenly ring me up and ask me to audition to become a Chaser, there’s a few standard... Read More

The Leadfoot Festival

I recently attended New Zealand’s best kept car culture secret.      Barely publicised, this amazing event is held over two days in early February, at Rod and Shelly Millen’s immaculate ‘ranch’ at Hahei in the glorious Coromandel, a piece of paradise which they purchased 9 years ago. It’s 150 acres of parkland and woods without any animal inhabitants. Inspired by the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, the Millens have built... Read More

The world’s largest construction site

I have recently returned from the world’s largest construction site. Tower cranes and trucks everywhere. 30 years ago Dubai started as a poor fishing village at the mouth of natural waterway called Dubai Creek. Then ‘liquid gold’ was discovered. Read More  Read More

Designs on cars

I was at last week’s media day at the Sydney International Motor Show, where my favoured subject of car design, strutted its stuff. As well as the ‘looks’ of a car, there are of course issues such as sustainable fuel systems, running costs, vehicle safety and affordability. All these matters relate ultimately to the success of a particular design. Read More  Read More

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.

I’m not a fan of the term ‘petrolhead’. With the new fuels on the scene,  The terms should include ‘dieselhead’, ‘electrichead’ or even a ‘hybridhead’. I prefer to call myself  a ‘car-culturist’.   And it’s with this hat on that I was driven to visit the last ever round of the methanol-blend fuelled V8 Supercars, on the leafy streets of Hamilton. It was brilliant and I loved it. I stayed with my brother, and was also able... Read More

Conference inspires

Following the successful and enjoyable 2011 conference at Auckland’s Sky City, I was full of anticipation about this year’s conference. But it got off to a good start simply by being held in Gordon Moller’s recently completed ripply-roofed , sparkly glass jewel box Viaduct Events Centre. Moller has finally shed Wellington’s Queens Wharf Events centre shedness. After the disasters in Christchurch, last year’s theme was about architects and... Read More

Rog on Beauty

After 40 years in business, I’ve decided it’s time to leave the communication stone-age so have set up a website.  Not content with doing things by halves, I’ve decided to also enter the mysterious (to me that is) world of blogging. I’ve been told it’s a cheaper alternative to holding court at various Wellington drinking establishments to share my passion for telling stories and expressing opinions on architecture, planning, design,... Read More