Raising the Bar

While the majority of our work is residential (in all its manifestations) we’ve also had our share of designing bars, cafes and restaurants. In recent years Lone Star, Chow and Wholly Bagel (Thorndon New World ) have come across our drawing boards. In those jobs we attended mostly to the boring bits such as the layout, the location of the grease trap and the preparation of the Fire Report. In other words, all those matters requiring Building Consent... Read More

My Favourite Table

Roger Walker features in the popular Dominion Post feature My Favourite Table having schnitzel at Wellington’s The Tasting Room.  Read More

Farewell Carmen

I would like to add my personal tribute following the recent death of Carmen. As well as being Taumarunui’s most famous export,  she needs, in my view, far wider recognition for her policies as a candidate in the 1977 mayoral election. We designed a café for her in Dixon St. that was refused a licence by the Wellington City Council on the basis that’ undesirable’ types might frequent it. 1970’s Wellington had a few raffish urban figures,... Read More

A Bog Blog

Toilets are by necessity private and hygienic places. But ever since their probably Egyptian inception, there has sometimes been a design element, to this unglorified but essential element of our built environment. They generally don’t rise above the purely functional at most Service Stations, schools, theatres, offices or even at medical centres. Happily though some owners are splashing out into a realm beyond the utilitarian In terms of loos as... Read More

Rog on Beauty

After 40 years in business, I’ve decided it’s time to leave the communication stone-age so have set up a website.  Not content with doing things by halves, I’ve decided to also enter the mysterious (to me that is) world of blogging. I’ve been told it’s a cheaper alternative to holding court at various Wellington drinking establishments to share my passion for telling stories and expressing opinions on architecture, planning, design,... Read More