Thinking outside the box

Christchurch has been on my mind a lot lately as I progress work on our development of our scheme for the Breathe Urban Village project. Now that the rebuild of Christchurch is shifting up a gear, Joe Bennett (he who challenged an official order to leave his beloved home of 25 years in the Port Hills because he felt he should be in charge of his own mortality) has had this timely poke at the what he perceives to be the design response of the architecture... Read More

RIP Peter Beaven

Let me add to the many tributes paid to a dear colleague and mentor Peter Beaven who passed away this week.  The architectural tributes are understandably glowing. My thinking is that while his lungs eventually gave in, I know his heart would have been as big and passionate as ever. That heart gave me such inspiration in dealing with the academic constraints at the Auckland School of Architecture in the late sixties. His influence on my own modest... Read More