More Colour Please

I have written before about colour (or the lack of it) but recently there has been a public debate on the observation of the greying of our suburban roofs. Apparently this ‘Stuff’ editorial even reached Australia. A fellow in his 90s rang me last week to say the Wellington suburb he had lived in for many years was getting ‘greyer and greyer’. Ironic that he wasn’t talking about his hair, but the environment outside his home. So why this... Read More

Where has all the colour gone?

We did some drawings recently to assist in the restoration of a turn of the century villa in Mt.Victoria. As it neared completion, I offered to do a paint colour scheme free of charge. To me, colour is a really important dimension of design.  I never heard back from the owners. I wasn’t going to propose garish primaries, but but a sophisticated, refined colour palette to enhance the basic shapes, elements and decorative elements, but I didn’t... Read More

A colour filled evening

I had a rare and wonderful serendipity experience last night. The annual Resene Colour Awards were on, and as the office had not made a submission this year, I thought the least I could do was wear my yellow leather jacket for the occasion. Years ago Dulux had a similar function. The MC on that occasion was Gary McCormack ,who lambasted the guests for all wearing black at a Colour Awards event. One of Billy Connolley’s memorable lines is ‘there... Read More