The art of the architect

It’s a year since the country went into level 4 lockdown and the anniversary has provided a chance to focus on how it affected the country.

My marking of the anniversary came a couple of weeks early when I held my first ever art exhibition – the Art of the Architect. It was during last year’s level 4 lockdown that I discovered a new passion/obsession for painting and the exhbition was a great milestone.

Local MP (and my favourite Depuy Prime Minister) Grant Robertson opened the exhibition and in a humorous opening speech described me as a very young artist – he had been advised that in artspeak when you were born has no bearing on your age as an artist – it’s all down to how long you have been practicing. At 78, I’m pretty happy to be described as young

More than 100 people attended the opening and I loved chatting to old friends, relatives and art lovers.   Then as the crowd began to filter out, I noticed lots of red dots on paintings. My lovely art advisor/agent/publicist/girlfriend Moerangi, had been very busy.

I was surprised at how many people came to see the exhibition and really thrilled by their response. Great discussions with artists, art teachers, architects, engineers, clients, friends and family and people who just wandered past and were attracted by the colour (one visitor described it as like walking into a lolly shop).

It was a special thrill to have so many children to a ‘children’s talk’ I gave. A dear little soul called Zoe won a limited edition painting by naming my latest painting ‘Homes, Hills, and Happiness’

The only dull moments were when I hung a ‘back in ten minutes’ sign on the door to get lunch or afternoon coffee.

It was a thoroughly uplifting and enjoyable week which I’ve been reflecting on since we closed as I decide what to paint next.   Apart from the love of colour expressed by buyers and visitors, I noticed a preference for paintings containing a recognisable building, and paintings that contained a back story. Abstracted shapes and forms were not quite so popular.

Painting is not replacing the day job and architecture will always be my first love. But I have found a new way to get creative joy and share it with others and I can’t wait to have another exhibition.

In the meantime, I’ve dedicated a couple of walls to ‘gallery space’ in my office, and once Moerangi gets over the Art of the Architect, she will be developing my art website further.

Thanks to all who came and for the kind words of encouragement. Much appreciated.

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