Weather or not

It’s been rough around the planet in recent times.  Hell hasn’t frozen over, but recently the Niagara Falls did.

England has been subject to flooding of almost biblical proportions.

Parts of Christchurch have been hit by tornados and the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales regularly catch fire.

Car production was recently halted in northern Japan because of snow drifts.  It’s ironic isn’t it, that science blames the cars themselves for the unwelcome presence of the snow?


In the main though, the Wellington region is not only been spared  the negative effects of global warming, but is seemingly a beneficiary of it.  I think the great architect must be rather pleased with Wellington.

We are not so car dependent, we have used our allotted land efficiently, and we have a half decent public transport system. We generally prefer attractive buildings to ugly ones.

He (or she) is rewarding us for our good work .

This is perhaps just as well , because  anyone contemplating building an ark here would neither get planning consent  nor the agricultural clearances required for breeding pairs of animals to be closely packed together inside.

But anyway here are some photographs of a  recent wondrous evening in Wellington which reminded me just how lucky we are.




DSC_0619 DSC_0613