Checking on the Children

I’ve been blogless for a few weeks – mostly head down working on this.  I took a breather just as Wellington’s worst southerly storm weather since Wahine day arrived.  The insurers have barely recovered from Christchurch.

I’ve designed several houses around the South Coast and while I didn’t really expect architect designed and structurally engineered houses to have suffered too much, I felt a need to go and ‘check on the kids’.

The only damage was to an old boatshed in Karaka Bay that we had already designed a replacement for.  The stormy surges have saved our client demolition costs by pounding it pretty comprehensively.

I am pleased to report that elsewhere there was no damage to any of our houses.  Hopefully it will be at least another 37 years until such an event happens again, although I suspect with the bad mood we have put the planet in, this type of storm will be more frequent.

Wellingtons South Coast is a tough environment


which can chew up and spit out man made structures

including 50 year old boatsheds at Karaka Bay.

Our house in Owhiro Bay survived.

as did newer ones in Island Bay

and Lyall Bay.

Our latest design, still under construction was also relatively unscathed (other than our sign which has blown away).

The next day the storm had passed.