Awkward Debates

For those of you who think architecture is for the wealthy, perched on their stunning sites overlooking some stunning estuary waiting for the glossy magazine photographer to arrive, let me tell you about my friend Mark Roberts.

Over several years Mark has worked the gritty side of life.

He has worked in three challenging areas:  prisons (correction facilities) in New Zealand,  aboriginal communities (think the film Samson & Delilah) in the Northern Territories of Australia, and in earthquake ravaged Christchurch.

These experiences led him to organise the ‘Awkward Debates’ which started last week at the School of Architecture with the second in the series tomorrow night.

So a big ‘shout out’, as the kids say, for these important events and if you’re interested in attending contact

How can good design improve the lives of the incarcerated, the indigenous and the anticipation of  Christchurch’s future?